How Do Solo Ads Work?

How Do Solo Ads Work?

Solo ads are niche email campaigns focusing on driving hyper targeted traffic to a relevant website. On this page you’ll learn how solo ads work.

Niche Email Marketing & Growing Your Email List

Most businesses want more traffic to visit their website or want to expand their email list!

Most people have used Google Ads or Facebook Ads as a way to generate leads and traffic for their business.

Solo Ads are a cost-effective, often cheaper alternative to Facebook and Google ads.

Examples of How Solo Ads Work

Let’s look at an example of a solo ad campaign.

First, you’ll find a Solo Ads vendor that offers access to an EXCELLENT email database/list which complements your NICHE or CHOSEN INDUSTRY.

For example, if you are selling a course that teaches people how to make money online, an ideal list for you would include entrepreneurs, or people that desire autonomous income streams.

Do your homework, and look for a Solo Ads vendor that offers access to a list of people who will want to buy your product or service.

Next, decide on the purpose of the Solo Ad campaign.

Will you be pushing the sale of a product?

Are you offering free access to a lead-magnet as part of a list building campaign?

Will you be offering a discount code for a subscription service?

Or, will you be promoting a time-sensitive sale for your course or online store?

There are hundreds of options. My advice is not to push for a hard-sell.

Instead, think about how you feel when you receive an email offer! What entices you to part with your email address, contact details, or cash.

Also, think about your target market, how can you offer them something valuable that will both introduce them to your brand and build trust.

Finally, craft your offering into an informative, engaging, and valuable email. Including hyperlinks back to your affiliate course, landing page, or website is valuable. Sending your offer to the vendor to be in your solo ads campaign is also helpful. Note that some vendors provide their own custom-made email swipes. This means that businesses that purchase solo ads do not need to create marketing emails as they are included in their package.

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