How Solo Ads Work

In this case study we’ll be learning how solo ads work and how to use them to solve common internet marketing problems.

Learning How Solo Ads Work Solves Internet Marketing Problems

Last year I got contacted by an internet entrepreneur. His had good opt-in rates and problems expanding his email list.

The email list was designed to promote an offer that would increase his website’s front-end sales.

I advised him that I had several Solo Ads Packages connected to top-tier databases. These emails included hundreds of potential leads with excellent click through rates.

My solo ads packages are all geared towards the niche of people that want to make money online.

The Solution To Their Problem Was Solo Ads

After taking my advice, the client placed an initial solo ads order for 100 clicks, which I implemented immediately.

After creating a message that met his requirements, I utilized all the tools in my arsenal. Making sure he received the best traffic for his solo ads buy.

By running efficient solo ads campaign, I was able to direct top tier leads to his website. Moreover, the leads were already interested in his company.

Solo Ads Work!

The Results of the Solo Ads Campaign

The initial campaign saw a 12% increase in his opt-ins, helping him to increase his email list by 12 people.

Due to this success, he ordered a new campaign of 300 clicks, which I orchestrated within 24 hours of purchase.

I also helped the client optimize his landing page. I ensured that it was ready to convert any traffic that visited.

After suggesting and implementing several changes and modifications, the page was ready to go. It was set-up to entice, inform, and educate all traffic generated and we started a second solo ads campaign.

The results of the 300 click package saw a further 19% increase in email opt-ins for my client’s services. All of which were high-quality leads.

These two concurrent solo ads campaigns helped increase my client’s email list. They also helped optimize his landing page, and massively enhance his overall online presence.

If you’re interested in doing the same, you can visit this link to learn more about working with me.